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What is Twitter?

Twitter is a unique take on the social networking norms defined by Facebook. Instead of a closely-knit group of users sharing personal information and experiences between themselves, Twitter has been designed from the outset to offer a more open forum for sharing news, ideas and information.

Built around short updates called tweets, Twitter can sum up whatever the tweeter is doing, often far better than a dedicated website can. It’s fast – essentially real-time and due to the fundamental ideology behind it, can be used on your phone, from a website or from a computer. There are standalone apps for computers, phones and tablets that make it easy to keep people informed about what you’re doing. Twitter is entirely free to use, as well.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the public nature of Twitter can be a double-edged sword because everything you say is completely public. And once it’s out there, it’s pretty much impossible to retract it, so be mindful of how you talk to your followers.

What makes it cool?


There are a couple of things that make Twitter a cool place to hang out (in a virtual sense at least) – from how easy it is to get up and running through to the sort of people you’ll find on there. Everyone from A-list celebrities to NASA’s Curiosity Rover, and from presidents to the Pope can be found tweeting about what they’ve been up to recently. When combined with pictures, videos and links, it can make for a living, breathing experience that’s at the forefront of what is happening in the world.

Best of all, you don’t even need to post anything to join in. Simply follow a few people that you are interested in and you’ll quickly find plenty of nuggets of news and information that make the service worthwhile. Following just a handful of people will soon have your Twitter feed filling up with news, media and intriguing links.

What can I do with it?


What may appear to be a limitation of Twitter is actually the reason it is so popular – each tweet has a strict maximum length of 140 characters. That means tweets tend to be either precise and well-thought-out, or quick remarks and ideas. Tweets give a clear impression of what’s going on at any time, especially when combined with hashtags, which are a way to group similar tweets.

Big-name tweeters provide an easy inroad into what Twitter is all about and why you might use it.  News services, such as @BBCBreaking, use Twitter to alert followers to events, often before the story appears on websites and TV channels.

Of course, Twitter works both ways, and you can tell others what you’re doing, too. That makes it a useful marketing tool for small businesses, especially if you can get local groups to follow you and retweet your posts.

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In the world of Twitter Marketing, the more followers you have, the larger your sphere of influence is.  Inevitably, this means you’ll make more money, get more exposure, more traffic to your website to mention few benefits.  For this reason, businesses and individual marketers alike have been striving to uncover different techniques to boost their followers list and get more social visibility.

There are a number of excellent reasons to purchase followers on Twitter, so let’s review a few:

More Followers = More Popular: The more followers you have, the more popular you appear to be. This can be very important when you are trying to lure in people to read your Twitter feed, and it is also an ego boost for you. If you want a boost your popularity you must buy twitter followers, there is so much to be gained. For example, a nightclub looking to hire a band might be more likely to hire a band with 50000 Twitter followers than a band with only 200 followers.

More Free Followers Jump on the Bandwagon: ultimately, that’s what purchasing followers on Twitter is:  because of the bandwagon syndrome, once you’ve reached a large number of followers, you will start seeing 1000s of free followers jump in and follow you.

Plenty of Big Names Do It:  You will not be the first or the last. There are countless politicians and well-known celebrities who have purchased Twitter followers to boost their numbers. It is a recognized way throughout all of social media to improve popularity quickly.

Boost Your SEO: Depending on your popularity on social networks, you are going to be able to get on top of search results.  Google loves social signals.

Expand Your Exposure: You have to branch out if you are going to have any success in getting big. You are going to expand your range of possible clients and fans if you buy twitter followers.

More Of A Chance Of Getting Retweeted: You need retweets if you are going to succeed in Twitter.  By buying followers you are increasing the chance of your tweets getting retweets and favorites.

Speeds Up Your Success Rate: When you get more twitter followers by buying them, you are going to speed up the chance for you to succeed in your marketing objective.

Reasonably Priced: You don’t need to spend a fortune to get noticed. We have the lowest prices and will never be beaten on price. In fact, many of our clients are now resellers and making a profit.

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